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Doctor of Chiropractic/Webster Certified/BIRTHFIT Leader
Postnatal Rehab Specialist

Dr. Hannah Flammang has a deep passion for women’s health and specializes in prenatal and postpartum care, physical rehab, and fitness. She owns her own clinic in Rocklin, Crafted Health, and has an extensive background in treating a sorts of women’s health concerns. Because of this, she has seen first hand the huge gap that prenatal and postpartum women face in finding safe and effective care throughout the motherhood transition. This prompted her to dive deep into the research and learn from other experts in the field with regards to pregnancy-related conditions, rehabbing diastasis recti, working through pelvic floor dysfunction, and returning moms safely to fitness postpartum. Dr. Hannah has a unique treatment style that includes different types of hands-on manual therapy techniques as well as active rehab movements and exercises. She is a BIRTHFIT Leader and certified in the Webster Technique. When she’s not in the clinic treating patients, you can find Dr. Hannah cuddling with her dogs on the couch, eating all the things at Pushkin's Bakery, hanging with her horse, or hiking with her husband.


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