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My name is Joni Tuttle. Doula is life! I'm passionate about supporting, educating and empowering women and couples together about their birth and postpartum journey. Watching them transform into a team is one of the most rewarding parts of this beautiful job. I'm a Mom of 3, ages 21, 17 & 11. Married for 18 years. Since my oldest was 2, I knew becoming a doula was my calling in life after watching TLCs "A baby story" had aired an episode that included a midwife and doula. I was mesmerized yet saddened that our experience was not like that. Calm, in-tune with each other and SUPPORTED! Fast forward 19 years later, after being a stay at home Mom, I was able to begin my journey. First with becoming a doula volunteer through dignity health's doula volunteer program. Being apart of L & D was such amazing hands on experience. I graduated a year later and began STILLBIRTHDAY as my chosen certification. I have a wonderful doula mentor and birth worker friends who I lean on for knowledge and support. I love our collective. Now, I am a private practice doula and loving every minute of my dream job. Each couple, each baby, has been such a memorable journey. I am very grateful to those that have trusted me with such a sacred time in their lives.

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