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Certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator
Board Certified Master Hypnotist
Gottman Certified Bringing Baby Home Educator

Congratulations on your pregnancy.  As a Certified HypnoBirthing Educator, Certified HypnoBabies Doula, and Board Certified Master Hypnotist, I am deeply honored to become a member of your birth team. As a birthing educator since 2003, I love encouraging women to trust in their bodies and educating them so they can make informed choices in birthing.  I have taught over 500 couples to have healthier, safer, and more positive childbirth experiences.

As both a childbirth educator and a trained hypnotist I strive to bring you the best blend of evidence-based birthing education and instruction in the deep self-hypnosis that allows for a calm, positive birth experience. A positive birth experience can help smooth the  from pregnancy to parenting, while facilitating family bonding, emotional resilience, and postpartum recovery. I believe that every mother should be able to walk away from her birth feeling empowered, respected, supported and loved, no matter what path her birth journey takes. I support this through regularly scheduled group classes or through private, individual instruction.

For me, it is an incredible honor to accompany you and your birthing partner on this sacred journey into parenthood.   As a former kindergarten teacher I recognize how a mother’s prenatal support, education, care and birthing experience impact the life of a child. I also recognize through my post graduate training in psychology, the power of the mind, the importance of the marital relationship and the huge transition it undergoes when babies arrive.

In our work together, I serve as an educator, and a support person, a mentor, shepherding you through one of the biggest transitions in life. My mission through my work is that more women are guided to create a safe, memorable, and satisfying birth and parenting experience, and more children receive the calm birthing experience each soul deserves.

After the baby arrives, as a Gottman trained Bringing Baby Home Certified Educator, I offer postpartum preparation consults for the transition into parenthood. Think of it as the parent relationship and training manual you will not receive anywhere else.


During my pursuit of a master’s in psychology, I became very interested in perinatal and prenatal psychology and the impact in utero experiences have on baby. Birth is a powerful experience, and when it is traumatic, it can have a considerable and unforgettable impact on mother and baby. Birth trauma can be healed. I define trauma as whatever mother felt distressed her because of physical or psychology injury during birthing. For women who have trauma or fear of childbirth I have a special four step process to clear the fear and heal the trauma.

Another passion of mine is to bring awareness to the community of the talented and dedicated independent birth professionals of Placer County.  As one of the Co-Founders of the Placer Birth Connection I hold a dream that through our work together we will be able to connect more women to the pre and post-natal services that help make birth a memorable, enjoyable healthy journey for mother and baby. 


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