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Boosting the Health of Your Relationship Boosts Your Immunity too!

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Boosting Immunity for Babies and Parents (especially useful for exclusively breastfeeding mothers!) Recently several people have asked for strategies that can boost the immune system for an exclusively breastfeeding mothers. Moms who are breastfeeding have to be so careful of what they put into their bodies and what they pass on to their babies. So what's my answer? Interestingly, the research (as shown here: shows that contempt and criticism erode the immune system. So one of the best things that any new parent can do to boost their immune system and protect their baby is to WORK ON THEIR MARRIAGE! Strange, isn't it? One of the best ways to work on our marriages as a new parent is to take the Gottman Bringing Baby Home program. It's research based and research tested to:

  • increase relationship satisfaction;

  • increase language and cognitive scores in babies;

  • help babies to cry less and smile more;

  • and to reduce the incidence and severity of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

It has NO negative side effects! It leaves you feeling empowered, knowing how to handle conflict and to strengthen your friendship so that your relationship can weather the storms of life. And it boosts your immune system by reducing criticism, contempt, and hostility.

Little Elf Services class starts January 24. Register at today! It makes a great gift for the expecting and new parents in your life! Gift certificates are available here or put the class on your registry at Be Her Village.

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