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Rebeca Martin


Birth Photographer

I am a photographer and artist serving the Greater Sacramento Area. I photograph birth, babies, children, and families. When I photograph your birth, I use my previous experience as a doula to promote an environment of trust and support to allow your birth to nourish and positively transform you, your baby, and your family. Birth is a transformative event, and I love capturing that special moment when you meet your baby earthside.


The year after birth is fleeting and full of many special milestones and memories. I enjoy capturing these moments as your babies grow. What a wonderful gift, to be able to share these memories with friends and family for years to come.

I had two beautiful home births in 2015 and 2018, and I would love to have had professional photos and videos of those births to look back on. For my third homebirth in 2022, I made sure to hire a birth photographer to capture those memories, and I am so glad I did! 

I am honored to be able to witness the sacred journey each laboring woman takes into that cosmic place of in-between. Birth is one of the most authentic moments in life, and the journey is beautiful to witness.

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