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Birth Photographer and Doula

As a birth photographer and doula, I enjoy promoting an environment of trust and support to allow birth to nourish and positively transform you, your baby, and your family. Birth is a transformative event, and I love capturing those unforgettable moments when you meet your baby for the first time. What a beautiful gift, to be able to share these memories with your family as time goes on. My goal is to support you to achieve a satisfying and fulfilling birth experience, however that may be.

I had two beautiful home births in 2015 and 2018, and I would love to have had professional photos and videos of those births to look back on. I enjoy being able to provide that option for birthing families in our community. I live in Sacramento with the love of my life and three beautiful children, where we enjoy homeschooling, horticulture, apiculture, hobby farming, cooking, art, photography, and videography.

I am honored to be able to witness the sacred journey each laboring woman takes into that cosmic place of in-between. The journey beyond oneself, into a spiritual world where time ceases; where the whole world pauses, just for you, while you welcome a new soul into your heart. It is this mesmerizing place that fills me with strength and gratitude. Birth is one of the most authentic moments in life, and the journey is beautiful to witness.

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