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Rebeca Yasuda


Newborn, Maternity, & Birth Photographer

I photograph newborns, maternity, and birth for Sacramento, CA and surrounding communities. My calm, relaxed sessions provide an opportunity for you to slow down and be present in this journey with yourself and your loved ones. 

I've birthed three babies at home and am eternally drawn to the transformation of motherhood. It's raw. It's vulnerable. And it changes 
you down to the depths of your soul. Mothers vibrate with this energy, and I show this with my photography.

Birth brings you face-to-face with your inner truth in a way that nothing else can. You can't avoid it. No matter how you give birth, you are transformed forever. The raw emotion and vulnerability of birth feeds my soul. I love to capture these moments--they are some of the most sacred of our lives. One of my biggest honors is to document your expressions of love and courage as you meet this new soul in your life.

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