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Suzanna Osuna Aissa


MA, Associate Registered Marriage & Family Therapist 

In supporting maternal and infant mental health, we can’t underestimate the impact of the relationship between the parents—for better or worse. 


A healthy relationship between parents is the one of the most important foundations you can give your child. You don’t need to be struggling in your relationship to benefit vastly from couples therapy.


My work with couples is all about getting people on the same page about life goals, learning practical skills to navigate tricky conversations, and prioritizing intimacy (emotional and physical). My style is warm, non-judgmental, humorous, and candid. I love helping couples understand each other better and connect more authentically.


I received my Bachelor of Science in cognitive neuroscience from UCSD, and my Master’s in Counseling Psychology from USF in 2019. My practice, Radiance Psychotherapy, has thrived in the two years since I started it. I specialize in serving couples where one person has autism, ADHD, PTSD, and/or dyslexia. 


As a wife and mother of two, having experienced both holistic prenatal care and planned hospital births, I love working with couples who are navigating the most profound transitions—pregnancy planning, loss, birth, postpartum. Visit my website and Instagram to learn more!

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