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Johanna Lambert


Speech Language Pathologist


Hello! My name is Johanna Lambert, and I am the owner and Speech language pathologist behind Rocklin Speech Therapy. I graduated from San Jose State University, am licensed in the state of California, and hold my Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association.

I started my first private practice, Santa Cruz Speech Therapy, after I went on maternity leave, from a special education district preschool, to have my daughter in 2018. After looking for some parent-infant classes to take her to I concluded that the options for play based learning, for both the child and parent, were limited. I decided to jump in and start my practice after speaking to many parents that had not been exposed to information on how to best support their child’s language development, the importance of play-based learning and when to seek out professional help for their child.

When we moved in September of 2022, Santa Cruz Speech Therapy morphed into Rocklin Speech Therapy. While the name has changed, the mission of the private practice remains the same.


Rocklin Speech Therapy promotes parent involvement and education to empower caregivers to better support their children’s developing communication skills. Rocklin Speech Therapy currently offers an early communicator baby sign language class, the Playing with Words play-shop (infant, young toddler, and preschool age classes), assessment, private 1:1 therapy and staff trainings for daycares and preschools. Each service is designed to provide children with a fun, engaging and play based environment to build their language skills, while providing caregivers with simple language strategies to use throughout their day.

Rocklin Speech Therapy's focus is on teaching the whole child through strength-based learning and neurodiversity affirming practices while working with children of various backgrounds, including, Autism, Down syndrome, Attention-deficit (hyperactivity) disorder (ADD/ADHD), language disorders (difficulty understanding and using language), articulation disorders (difficulty producing sounds). In addition to speech and language services, Rocklin Speech Therapy also provides specialized therapy and education related to myofunctional disorders related to prolonged sucking habits, tethered oral tissues (i.e., tongue, lip and cheek ties) and oral dysfunction.

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