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Karlynn Only-Sydnor


Personal Trainer specializing in Women's Pre/Postnatal Fitness and Nutrition

Karlynn is the certified personal trainer and owner of KAOS Performance Fitness, specializing in Women's Fitness and Nutrition including Pre/Postnatal fitness. Having over 7 years of experience, she helps empower moms who are looking to prioritize their health, fitness, and nutrition.  


Karlynn turned to fitness after she had her third baby. In the beginning as a mom, she put her health second to my family and career.  She thought there wasn't enough time for her, and that she had to wait until things settled to focus on herself. But things never settled, and she began to dislike how she felt and what she saw in the mirror.  As a former volleyball player, she remembers how having exercise as part of her day improved not only her physical health but her mental health as well. So, she began a workout program that met her needs and lifestyle. With a goal of losing 50lbs, Karlynn made her health, fitness, and nutrition a priority. “I’m in love with myself again. I enjoy being silly and participating in activities with my kids and that is what is important to me”.

Karlynn loves seeing her clients grow and gain confidence. She wants to be able to serve women from before motherhood all the way through menopause. When they break through their mental barriers, it literally gives her chills. Connecting with her clients and watching them learn to love themselves again is the best part of the job. It's not just about fitness it’s about creating relationships and positively impacting her clients’ lives.

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