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  Nicole Fryer


Home Birth Doula, Holistic Postpartum Care Provider, and MotherCircle Facilitator

I feel strongly that women need to be and feel supported at all ages and stages of life, but most especially when bringing new life into the world.  I believe that when we support mothers, we are supporting families, communities, and all of humanity. It is my mission to hold space for mothers during their incredible transformation and ensure they are seen, heard, and loved during their rite of passage.


I am a mother to three, a wife, a daughter, and a woman devoted  to creating a shift in the way we care for mothers. After completing my B.A. in Cultural Anthropology I went on to obtain a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification, as well as volunteering as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines. In 2016, after experiencing a powerful homebirth with my first son, I realized the capacity and inherent wisdom of my body. Since then I have completed both birth and postpartum doula trainings with DONA, in addition to the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver program with the Center for Sacred Window Studies. 


As a holistic birth doula my intention is to be a witness and offer hands-on, heart centered support. We trust in the physiologic, innate process of labor and birth and allow labor to unfold naturally without interference. My approach is in aiding mothers through the intrinsic transformation of the journey of birth. As a conscious postpartum caregiver my intention is to assist in creating a sacred space and tone for the 6 weeks after baby is born. I cook postpartum appropriate meals and offer herbal supports, provide warming body therapies, emotional support, and perform other household tasks to ensure the environment is warm and beautiful. We recognize that by tending to a new mother’s postpartum health, we are tending to her future overall wellness. This care is traditional, community based, and is rooted in our human design. 


I would be honored to partner with you on your sacred journey.

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