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Savannah Newman


Prenatal & Postpartum Massage Therapist

I have been offering massage services
since 2019. Since starting my massage practice, prenatal massage has always been a modality near and dear to my heart. As I have watched clients, friends, and family become pregnant and grow their families,
I have found there is an increasing need for postpartum support through bodywork. My postpartum bodywork addresses postural issues and tension caused by positions connected to taking care of babies such as
breastfeeding and prolonged sitting.


My techniques also address recovery after pregnancy through abdominal massage and relaxing massage for stress relief and sleep deprivation.

I see prenatal clients through all trimesters of pregnancy. It is a misconception that massage is not safe for those in the first trimester. Another misconception is that pregnant clients cannot
receive deep, therapeutic massage safely. I am comfortable with providing effective bodywork for pregnant clients that is also safe for my clients and their baby! My clients will still lay face down and up on the table until week 22, or until they are not comfortable. From week 22 until birth, I massage my prenatal clients in a side lying and semi-reclined position. I ensure my workspace is comfortable and serene to hold a space for healing for my clients who are expecting!

I am so passionate about supporting my pregnant and postpartum community! Many women in their postpartum years feel like a forgotten group of individuals. I want to make sure my clients feel seen and
taken care of through all the emotions and physical pain this time and life may bring.

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