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The wonderful fine print of joining the Collective

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We know reading the fine print is never fun but its really important that you know all that Placer Birth Connection stands for and that you agree before joining us. So please, grab a cup of tea, take your time and read through before moving onto your membership application. We are so excited that you are interested in joining us!




Introduction. The Placer Birth Connection (PBC) Code of Conduct applies to every Member of the Collective. This Code of Conduct sets out required, and prohibited professional and ethical behaviors by which members agree to conduct themselves. It is based upon the core values of the Collective and values intrinsic to the practice of birth work. Members must agree and sign the Code of Conduct before admittance to Placer Birth Connection. 

I. About the Collective

Core Values. Integrity, transparency, community, empowerment, advocacy.  

Who we are. Placer Birth Connection (PBC) is a Collective of birth workers able and willing to serve expectant families in South Placer County and the surrounding area. Members aim to benefit from being in the Collective, as well as contribute to the Collective.  

WORKING Mission Statement (in progress). Placer Birth Connection exists to bring expectant families and birth workers together in South Placer county and the surrounding area. We are a Collective of independent birth workers guided by integrity, transparency, community, empowerment, and advocacy, who believe women and birth giver’s health, pregnancy, birth and postpartum care to be a right and necessity. 

WORKING Purpose (in progress). To create a community amongst birth workers to best match the needs of expectant families to the services offered by members in Placer Birth Connection.

WORKING VISION (in progress).  Bringing birth workers and families together to find the perfect fit. 

II. Conduct and Ethical Responsibilities to The Collective

Professional Training and Skills. Members agree to be professionally trained in the role they represent themselves as being competent in and strive to stay current and up to date in their field through training, education and continual professional growth.

Adhere to Applicable Law. Members must abide by all local, state, provincial, national, and federal laws and regulations applicable to their location and professional field.

Honesty and Transparency. Members commit to uphold honesty, transparency and honor agreements made. 

Professionalism.  Members shall conduct themselves professionally when publicly associating themselves with PBC. They have the reputation of the Collective to uphold, as well as the bigger reputation of birth working professionals.

Affiliation. PBC does not affiliate with any political party, or align with any agenda beyond the scope of the mission of helping expectant families find the perfect fit between themselves and fellow birth workers, preferably through the Collective. Therefore, members agree that their personal values, views, beliefs, and opinions may not necessarily be reflected in or representative of any other individual member, or of the Collective as a whole. They understand that no member is expected to adhere or conform to another member's belief system, or personal agenda. Members will remain considerate of other member’s own personal values, beliefs and act respectfully and professionally in order to uphold the mission of the Collective.

Diversity and Inclusion.  We are committed to diversity, inclusion, and strive for equality and equity. All members are encouraged to openly bring their perspectives, identity, cultural background, and life experience to the Collective. We ensure that all voices are valued and heard and believe diverse viewpoints can strengthen deliberations and decision-making within the Collective. We see diversity and inclusion as connected to improving the wellbeing of the communities we serve, since the more diverse the Collective is, the more diverse of a population we can serve. Therefore, we strive to cultivate an environment, where all members regardless of: race, ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, identity, age, education, or disability in our Collective feel included, and respected. One of the biggest benefits we can offer our clients is a continuum of services, by referring them to other members to help meet their needs. However, we recognize that families and clients must be a good match for the best outcome, and that only the client and collective member are able to determine if a match is well suited. 

Confidentiality. Exchanges between birth workers must be treated as inherently private and confidential, including information shared at in person meetings and on virtual platforms

Do No Harm. Members agree to not intentionally cause harm to other members either personally or professionally through slander, gossip, bad-mouthing, false claims, trolling, harassing, or the like. 

Grievances. Members are encouraged to bring grievances and concerns about the organization to the President and Vice President. Although Collective members are empowered to find solutions, mediation may be necessary. Misunderstandings, miscommunications, and disagreements are inherent to being part of a group, but members agree to address grievances with the goal of mitigation.

 III. Conduct and Ethical Responsibilities to The Families Served

Protagonism. Members know and stand for the honorable service of women, children, birth givers and families, earnestly supporting and encouraging them whenever possible. Members hold within them an understanding of the greater good that they do with such support. They are proponents of self-advocacy for the clients they serve.

Communication. Members communicate and interact with clients as professionals in their field. They treat them with respect and courtesy.


Honesty and Transparency. Members commit to uphold honesty, transparency and honor in all services, and transactions.

Diversity and Inclusion. Every person that seeks service through the Collective is to be treated with decency, courtesy and respect regardless of: race, ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, identity, age, education, or disability. We strive to help all people seeking birth care find a perfect match to meet their needs. 

Referrals. Members strive to provide comprehensive support for clients, offering them a continuum of coordinated resources through referrals to other members. 

Sexual harassment: Members must not intentionally or negligently cause sexual harm—verbally, physically, or otherwise.

Anti-harassment. Members must not harass clients in person, online, or otherwise including: trolling, stalking, hate speech, threatening, intimidating, manipulating, or the like.

Privacy & Confidentiality. Members maintain client’s privacy and confidentiality. If referencing a client, it will be done with anonymity, and with the intent to be of service to the client.  

Consent and Agreements. Members will follow their profession’s professional requirements or recommendations regarding client consent, waivers, release forms, etc . 

This concludes the PBC Code of Conduct. 


I understand that this form does not serve as legal or professional advice. PBC is not financially or legally responsible for the actions of an individual member or the outcome of their clients in any way. 


I give permission for Placer Birth Connection to take and use photos and videos of me for the Collective’s professional and marketing purposes only. I may revoke this consent at any time by letting an Officer of the Collective know in writing.

Whew! That wasn't so bad was it! Thank you so much for taking the time to read that. If you agree and want to join our collective please click the button below to be taken to the membership application. 

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