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Placer Birth Collective

Join us in making a difference

Benefits of Joining the Collective

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 Being a part of a community of powerful, dedicated Professionals serving Placer County families and the birth world.

 Feeling of camaraderie, kinship, and support for building your business.

 Leveraging the power of group for access to promotional, professional opportunities, events and resources.

 Finding support and mentorship for concerns or questions that may arise in business.

 Creating opportunities for professional and personal development and leadership.

Am I eligible to join?

Membership is open to Professionals serving the birth community of Placer, CA. If your services or offerings contribute to the Placer County birth world, please consider joining! 

Review the 2 options below to begin the application process. 

Birth Professionals in Placer County

Professional or Student
Membership Options

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Choose this membership if: 

  •  You have already received training or are certified in your birth working profession.

  • Benefits include

    •  A full length Bio on our website with links to your website and social media pages.

    • ​​ Access to our Private Facebook Group where members cross promote businesses and network. 

    • Your events advertised on our Social Media Platforms, and shared by other members.

    •  Promotion of your services at live events.

    • Spotlight of your expertise on our online and in person events.

    • The opportunity to become an Officer or hold a leadership position and help shape who we are as a growing organization. 

    • Voting privileges to steer the direction of the organization. 



  • Hold a valid/current certificate or license. If certification is not required of their profession, one must provide evidence they are in good standing in their field.           

  • Obtain a minimum of 8 continuing formal or informal education hours annually through professional: workshops, conferences, training, observation, mentorship.

  • Attend a minimum of 6 business meetings per year. 

  • Participate in one of our committees.

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Choose this membership if:

  • You are working towards a certification and are not yet fully trained in your aspiring birth working profession. 

  • We understand that many birth-workers are "continual students" and in constant training. This membership is intended for those brand new to the field of birth work. If you already hold a certification or training related to birth work, please choose our Professional Membership.  

Benefits include:

  • The opportunity to make connections and tap into the network of professionals and resources of Placer Birth Connection.

  •  Access to our Private Facebook Group where members cross promote business and grow resources.

  • Free attendance to our live and online events.

  • Please note: Students can not hold Officer and leadership roles, nor do they have voting privileges. 



  •   Actively pursuing a certification or training in a birth work related profession.



Membership Info


  • Membership is annual and is Due April, 1st of each year. 

  • Your first membership amount will be prorated according to when you joined.
    Meaning, you will only pay for the months that you are member (not the whole year).

  • Then it will renew at the yearly membership rate the following April 1st, when all Annual Dues come due. 

  • We do not offer payment plans for memberships, however if you are unable to pay for your membership in full at this time, please contact to discuss. 

What happens Next?

Attend a Meeting

Come check us out, meet the group, and see if this is a Collective you would like to be a part of! 

Read Code of Conduct

We are creating a Collective of Birthworkers who are in agreement with the ethics presented in our Official Code of Ethics.

Submit Application

We are so excited for your submission.


We'll be in Touch

We'll review your application and will be in touch with you soon. 


Ready to begin?

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