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Birth & Postpartum Doula, Dancing for Birth™ Instructor, Founder of BellissiMamas

 I am a wife, a mother of six, a Grana, a sister, a daughter, a separate but wonderfully connected human being. I wear many hats as a homeschooler, birth and postpartum doula, sacred space holder, and dance instructor. I have a passion for motherhood and its incredible journey. I believe that journey is unique for each person. When a baby is born so is a mother. I believe that no one should mother alone. Women are social creatures; we need each other. My heart is tender towards each individual child and the amazing gift he or she is to our world. My desire is to create a community of support, acceptance, and friendship where each individual is celebrated for who she is, right where she is. I enjoy writing and sharing my heart; I want to listen, support, and empower mothers to be their very best physically, mentally, and spiritually for themselves, their families and their worlds.


Most beautiful motherhood,


Shannon L. Smith